Need Remington 1100 1187 Shotgun parts… ?

Following untold months and hours of searching I found sources for some crucial hard to find parts that you need to keep your Remington’s running. Unfortunately most of these have dried up. Get what I have on hand… I’m ending eBay sales as of 12/24/23.

I invite you to visit my new website which promotes the free exchange of information related to buy-sell-trade of firearms and related materials. The anti-gun Bull Shit has overwhelmed me. I strenuously objected to Facebook Marketplace telling me that a MEC reloading press was a firearm, and in a few messages back & forth became aware that the whole “Community Standards Bull Shit” is manned by all NON AMERICAN CITIZENS. I said to them, I can see now that you haven’t a clue what FREEDOM is about so F off and leave me alone. Shortly after that they allowed my MEC press to be seen.

Well NOW we have our own website. Please tell everyone about it. It’s a rather open forum. I haven’t set it up to limit very much… and hope you all will be nice to one another.

Click on the photo to the left, and you can post your stuff or review others posts. Pictures are ok too. Have fun, and obey the laws when buying or selling firearms.

Below is one of my favorite shotguns…. Now 1100G3’s are almost impossible to find. These beauties will live on with NEW replacement parts, not “previously owned” removed from who knows what guns.

These are examples of the ‘former’ Remington’s workmanship.